3 Month Payment Assistance Program


Major Furniture Retailer with Annual Revenue of $400 Million


3 Month Payment Assistance

3 month payment assistance flyerElite Rewards – Supported Initiative

  • Provided a Mastercard Program that was dynamic. The Retailer could designate any dollar amount to be given back to the consumer in Mastercard Reward Cards
  • Elite helped with the creative for the program allowing each retailer to customize the program on their own


Covid-19 presented an excessive slow down in this retailer’s business. With the combined effort of the retailer, Elite Rewards and their store credit card finance company were able to build a program where the customer would get back Mastercard Reward Cards equivalent to the first three months of payments. As a third-party provider, Elite Rewards was able to provide the retailer with a program that was vetted out by their legal and financial teams. A minimum purchase of $1499 was required for the credit provider’s minimum payment policy. Additionally, Elite Rewards provided fulfillment of this program that was compliant with the credit card provider’s payment terms.

• Revenue from the program generated for 60 days was $1,300,000

• Average sales per showroom was $42,000

• Average ticket was $4025

• Average cost for Gift-with-Purchase 4.25%