Buy More Get More Program


Major Furniture Retailer with Annual Revenue of $800 Million


Buy More/Get More

tiered campaign sampleElite Rewards – Supported Initiative

  • Provided a Mastercard Reward Program in lieu of products advertised. The Retailer was also able to offer 5 levels of fulfillment opportunity
  • Provided a discounted rate starting at 5% off, and depending on volume, fulfillment could be capped at a 15% discount
  • Elite helped with the creative for the program allowing each retailer to customize the program on their own


Covid-19 presented an excessive slow down in this retailer’s business. The retailer wanted to target driving their average ticket up with a limited number of customers coming to their showrooms. At one point 75% of their showrooms were closed so this was their “soft” grand re-opening strategy. Elite Rewards provided fulfillment of this program that was compliant with the credit card provider’s payment terms.


• Revenue from the program over a 45-day period generated

• $9,100,000 Average sales per showroom was $77,586

• Average ticket was $3659

• Average cost for Gift-with-Purchase was 7%