Packaging Vacation Incentives with Advertising Rates


Local Print & Digital Media Company


Packaging vacation incentives with advertising rates at a ratio relative to a prospect’s incremental spending total. Incentives are leveraged to increase client spending and generate new business based on rate qualifiers set by media partner.

vacation rewards exampleElite Rewards – Supported Initiative

  • Pre-Sale: Elite Rewards conducted a kickoff to get the sales team organized, excited, and comfortable with the travel reward incentive packages. This equipped the AE’s with the tools to present a great ad schedule along with different ideas on how they can build their business with Elite Rewards packages
  • Elite Rewards offered a portion of rewards as incentives for AE’s to hit certain goals during the sale based on overall media outlet’s goal
  • Post-Sale: Elite Rewards assisted with tracking and collection by offering post-sale marketing materials for AE’s to present to pre-qualified accounts. Elite Rewards provided AE’s with a 4-minute video clip of the post-sale procedure to streamline communication.


  • The client wanted to generate new business and engage clients that have been inactive for the last 12 months
  • Incremental business – client must spend an incremental amount over the same time last year:
  • 30-day AE selling period
  • 3-12 month advertiser spending period
  • Incremental spending level achieved determined what level of incentive is awarded


• $1,695 average cost of travel incentive to the media company

• $10,961 average advertising spend by businesses

• 6.5% ROI $1,578,500 gross ad sales w/ $244,050 promotional investment

• 144 total qualifying accounts (37 new accounts)