Incremental Increases for Customer Base


Major HVAC & Electrical Supplier


Rewards for Incremental Increase in Annual Spending

elite case study hvacElite Rewards – Supported Initiative

  • Republic offered travel incentives for existing customers ranging from a 2-night escape to all-inclusive trips at the top level. Incentives are leveraged to increase client spending and generate new business based on rate qualifiers set by client.
  • Elite helped with the creative for the program, creating a “Commitment form” to spark interest and have the sales representative discuss the client’s spending predictions


  • Incremental business – client must spend an incremental amount over the same time last year.
  • Incremental spending level achieved determined what level of incentive is awarded.

• $1,695 average cost of travel incentive to the media company

• 40% of the customers that were enrolled qualified for a reward

• $1,975 average cost of travel incentive to the company

• 6% ROI $1,060,000 incremental growth w/ $58,550 promotional investment