Lantz Coffeen

Lantz Coffeen, 
Marketing Coordinator

1. If you had a superpower, what superpower would you choose?
Teleportation, easily get anywhere I want.

2. What was your very first job?
At the soap store, I made soap!

3. What is your favorite type of promotion?
The Reward Card, it’s versatile and be used in different ways. And who doesn’t want money?

4. What is one thing on your bucket list?
To go to Tokyo, Japan.

5. What is one thing that instantly makes your day better?
When the weather is nice.

6. How many kids and grandkids do you have?

7. What movie could you quote by heart?
Parent Trap

8. How many years of experience do you have in your field?
Going on 1 year.

9. What is your favorite color?

10. What is the best idea you have ever had?
Moving to NY after college, it’s always something I’ve wanted to do.

11. What is your definition of success?

12. What do you hope your coworkers say about you at your retirement party?
I hope they would say that I was not only a hard worker, that I was kind and nice to them.