Mastercard Reward Card with Mattress Purchase


Major Mattress Manufacturer with 2.0 Billion-Plus in Revenue


$50 or $100 Mastercard Reward Card with Mattress Purchase

Mastercard Reward Card with Mattress Purchase

Elite Rewards – Supported Initiative

  • Provided a Mastercard Program that could be used by multiple retailers ranging from1 store to 400. The manufacturer was also able to offer two fulfillment-based programs based on specific product criteria.
  • Elite helped with the creative for the program. Elite Rewards facilitated the collection of all data for the manufacturer, provided kick-off calls for all retailers, and customer service for all parties involved.
  • Provided a discounted rate starting at 5% off and depending on volume fulfillment it could be capped at a 15% discount.


Covid-19 presented an excessive slow down for this manufacturer. Instead of offering a rollback in pricing which a dealer may, or man not, have used, the manufacturer created an incentive directly for the consumer. For any product greater than $599, the consumer received a $50 gift card and for any luxury mattress, the consumer received a $100 gift card. Elite Rewards provided fulfillment of this program that was compliant with PCI data interchange of customers’ information across multiple retail partners through our Master Service agreement and Statement of Work agreements.


• Stores participating in the program throughout various marketing strategies 600+

• Average cost of a gift card was $57

• Average share growth for the manufacturer during events was 22%