3 & 6 Month Payment Assistance


Major Furniture Retailer with Annual Revenue of $1.0 Billion


Furniture 3 Month & Luxury Mattress 6 Month Payment Assistance

3 month payment assistance flyerElite Rewards – Supported Initiative

  • Provided a Mastercard Program that was dynamic. The Retailer could designate any dollar amount to be given back to the consumer in Mastercard Reward Cards. The Retailer was also able to offer two levels of the program with a three or six-month give-back
  • Provided a discounted rate starting at 5% off and depending on volume fulfillment, that could be capped to achieve a 15% discount
  • Elite helped with the creative for the program allowing each retailer to customize the program on their own


Covid-19 presented an excessive slow down in this retailer’s business. The Retailer does 25% of its total revenue in bedding. At the onset of Covid-19, luxury brands were suffering. With the combined effort of the retailer, Elite Rewards and their store credit card finance company were able to build a program where the customer would get back Mastercard Reward Cards equivalent to the first three months of payments for furniture and the first six months of payments for luxury mattress sales. As a third-party provider, Elite Rewards was able to provide the retailer with a program that was vetted out by their legal and financial teams. A minimum purchase of $1499 or a luxury mattress was required due to the credit provider’s minimum payment policy.


• Revenue from the program generated for 90 days was $16,000,000

• Average sales per showroom was $225,000

• Average ticket was $4886 • Average cost for Gift-With-Purchase was 6.67%

• Retailer reduced their finance cost by 50bps overall because they didn’t provide as much 72-month financing with luxury mattresses