Reward Card with Test Rest


Regional Mattress Retailer


$25 Reward Card for Customer Performing Test Rest

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Elite Rewards – Supported Initiative

  • Elite Rewards fulfilled a $25 Reward Card for every test rest performed in-store.
  • Company goals included generating topline revenue, enhance the relationship between RSA and guest, brand recognition for sleep, earn customer loyalty, create prospects for Sleep Events, and grow mattress % of sales over the target.


Knowing that approximately 5 Test Rest customers convert to 1 Premium mattress sale and that there is a 20% conversion rate on a test rest, offering an incentive for just performing the test rest without purchase increased sales, conversions, RSA familiarity within the Mattress Gallery and much more.



• Total # of Reward Cards – avg. 2,500+ per month

• Gift Card Conversion: 44%

• Mattress Conversion: 22%

• Tempur-Pedic Conversion: 25%