Reward Employees and Retain Customers with Travel Incentives

Travel* is making a comeback, and Elite Rewards is here to help offer any type of trip as an incentive for employees or customers. As we move forward this year, the idea of taking a trip with family or friends is going to be at the forefront of people’s minds. Whether they want to stay close to home, venture a little farther, or are in need of a Day-Caytion, you can offer an incentive to remember.

Gone are those days, when monetary rewards were the only acceptable option to retain and motivate your employees! A common assumption is that employees prefer cash rewards. The truth is, according to the Department of Labor Statistics, 65% of employees prefer non-cash incentives. When rewarded with travel incentives, employees generally feel much more appreciated and trusted, resulting in greater loyalty towards their organizations.

Two thirds of today’s employees feel overwhelmed. The concepts of work-life balance have been lost, especially during the recent pandemic. Everyone needs a break!

Why Travel Incentives Outweigh Cash Ones?

  • Non-cash rewards are highly visible. Recipients of non-cash rewards, like a trip to Hawaii, are more likely to share about them than cash rewards.
  • Non-cash rewards are more memorable and have an emotional value.
  • Travel can create a sense of anticipation; a great reward in trying times.
  • Cash rewards tend to be used for a utilitarian purpose such as paying the bills, buying groceries, or making mortgage payments. As a result, very little meaning is derived from this type of reward.
  • Travel incentive programs allow employees to tick items off their bucket list without the associated guilt.

We have over 500 participating resorts to choose from – including Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt. Currently, our most popular travel product is 2 and 3-night “staycations” starting at just $100. These are not timeshares and all room fees and taxes are included, meaning no out of pocket for those redeeming the packages. We also have an a la carte travel menu where you can add in flights, rental cars, and even “experiences.”

Travel Fun Facts:

●    25% of Americans say they’d give up all their savings to travel right now

●    38% say they’d give up sex for a year to get on the road right away

●    One in five said they would give up their partner to travel now, and even more telling, 48% would give up their job.

It’s clear that travel plays a massive role in our lives and overall happiness! Give your employees customers the gift of travel and you will totally make their day. Make 2021 the year we all get back to travel!

*Due to COVID-19, we understand travel has become an important and unique personal decision. Elite Rewards has evolved with the times and understand health and safety concerns