Why Elite Rewards

Why Choose Elite?

We’re here to get you ahead of the competition. 
Elite Rewards specializes in creating incentive and loyalty programs designed to drive traffic, boost conversions, build customer loyalty, and shift customer and employee behavior. 
Whether it’s reward cards, merchandise, travel, or points programs, Elite Rewards partners with the world’s top brands to bring you unparalleled and unique promotions and resources for every phase of your business. 

Boosting Conversions Simplified.

We make it seamless and effortless to launch a promotion or program for you from start to finish including our creative and customer support team.
We offer:
• Over 25 years of industry experience
• No Up-Front Costs
• No Inventory
• Seamless Fulfillment

Elite's Process is Easy!

Step 1

Schedule an introductory call with Elite Rewards. We know your time is valuable and your schedule is full, so we can schedule a call for 15 minutes or less. Elite’s sales consultants want to hear your ideas, concerns, and pain points. We make things easy and have a lot of great services in house to make it simple for you.

Step 2

Once we determine the program that is best for your business, we to then schedule a Pre-Sale call to work out the finer details, such as the qualifiers, promotion dates and any marketing needs. Following this, Elite provides your organization with a sales agreement to outline promotional products and dates.

Step 3

This is where Elite works for YOU! We provide informative customer/program participant materials and any marketing assets your team needs such as web images, posters or even a whiteboard video for your audience.

Step 4

It’s almost time! Elite believes communication is key for any program to be successful from start to finish. We will conduct a program “kick off call” with any staff or essential personnel to make sure they know how the process works. Ready, set, hike! Time to run your promotion and increase your sales.

Step 5

We’re not done! Elite’s fulfillment staff makes it simple and easy to submit orders electronically. We also have World-Class customer service to help your customers with any questions or issues so that you can maintain focus on increasing sales.

Meet Our Team

Meet our Elite Rewards team: comprised of industry experts, marketing and creative specialists, and customer service professionals dedicated to assisting you with your promotions.

Meet Bulby

Hi, I’m Bulby! Elite Reward’s CIO, Chief Idea Officer. My mission? To help you!
My hobbies include increasing sales, building customer loyalty, and shifting customer and employee behavior. 
I may look like just a little lightbulb, but I can assist you get in touch with experts with over 25 years of experience in the incentive industry.
About bulby

Director of Fun

Hi, I’m Joe. I’m the Director of Fun at Elite Rewards.
While it may be a crazy title, I serve a very serious purpose: strengthening your sales team. Why you need us is obvious, but HOW is essential.
Here at Elite Rewards, we assist teams to grow through the Kaizen method. Kaizen means change for the better and continuous improvement.
Every team has pain points, every company has goals. What’re yours?

Our Valuable Clients

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